02 Nov 2016

Summer IT Showdown

In the ultimate test of their skills, Learn4Life Advanced IT students competed against our own professional Tech Department in the First Annual IT Summer Showdown. This friendly competition was designed to help students prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification and build confidence in their ability to compete in the real-world job market. The results? Students beat the Techs 4 to 3, a sweet victory to pay off all of their hard work in the 35 weeks of training leading up to the challenge.

Adam Stewart, one of the Learn4Life students who participated explained, “I was kind of nervous… so I over-prepared. I was able to do way better than I actually thought I would.” Adam and the other students have been enrolled in Learn4Life’s CTE (Career Technical Education) program on the Information Technology track, learning the ins and outs of building, restoring and troubleshooting computers. This was their chance to show off their knowledge. Matthew Garton, another student, recalled, “Once I came in and I saw what was happening, I just got into it and had a great time.”

In addition to engaging students in practicing their real-world IT skills, the competition is also an opportunity for local businesses to meet Learn4Life students, evaluate their skills and to get a sneak peek of those students who are ready for an internship.

Natalie Cozby, Regional CTE Specialist at Learn4Life, summed it up, “The IT Showdown was a huge success. We’re preparing students for their A+ certification, and really pushing them to get well-paying jobs in entry-level and advanced positions.”

With this new batch of smart, eager IT professionals coming out of the Learn4Life Desert Sands Charter School, we think the real winners are the communities they’re about to serve.