Daniel's Story

Daniel is an inquisitive and dedicated student with a strong work ethic and solid career plan. But his
head wasn’t always in the books. “There were days when my mom and I didn’t have enough to eat and our
electricity had been turned off. When you’re in that situation, it’s kind of hard to focus on high school,”
he explains. Ever since his parents’ divorce, Daniel and his mother struggled to make ends meet, and
planning for the future became impossible.

“Just getting to school was a challenge,” says Daniel. “the thought of graduating was nonexistent.” At
school, a teacher noticed Daniel’s chronic absence and referred him to Learn4Life. “I wasn’t sure how
it would be any better for me, but I figured I’d try it. I liked that they offered a flexible schedule.”


Daniel’s supervising teacher quickly determined the root of his attendance problem and took practical steps to help. “Once my teacher realized what was going on, she gave me bus passes to get to school. She even gave me food and firewood. I could tell she really cared.” As Daniel’s immediate needs were met, it freed up more time for him to focus on his education… and his future.

Daniel has enrolled in the Learn4Life Cisco Labs IT program, where he’s gaining computer technical skills and the chance to get IT certified to work in the information technology field. “With the IT Certification, I can get a good-paying job right out of high school. Now I have a real chance at a future.” Daniel is in his last semester at Learn4Life, on track to graduate this spring. He is getting As in IT class and his teachers report that he voluntarily attends school 8-10 hours every day.

“Now I have a real chance at a future.”

“The thought of graduating was nonexistent.”

Dasmond's Story

Struggling to catch up in school, Dasmond felt like teachers had given up on him, and he was about to give up, too. It would take a special approach to help him turn it all around.

Dasmond's Story