02 Nov 2016

Our Own Baja 1000 Tech Crew

Experts agree, when it comes to career readiness, nothing beats hands-on experience. And for kinesthetic learners — those often shortchanged by traditional “book and lecture” education models — the chance to interact with practical applications can make the difference between confusion and competence. So when Learn4Life students got the chance to be part of the tech crew of a vehicle competing in the Baja 1000 race, they jumped at the chance.

This past fall, Learn4Life’s Advanced IT students outfitted SCORE International Racer Ty Godde’s class 10 four-wheeler with graphics and vehicle-mounted cameras to track its course. It was an opportunity to apply their knowledge while gaining real-world skills. Linda Simi, Executive VP of Human Capital Management at Learn4Life explains, “Whenever possible, we try to offer opportunities for our students to step out of the traditional classroom and get more involved. Comprehension increases and they build confidence as they learn. It’s a great way to engage students.”

The Baja 1000 race is an intense, rugged, looped course that covers more than a thousand miles in a 24-hour period. It’s famous for its quirky, modified vehicles and unforeseen obstacles that can often wreak havoc on a driver’s ability to finish a race. In order to help Godde’s team prepare, Learn4Life’s Advanced IT students mounted special cameras to the vehicle that would allow them to spot potential hazards during a pre-run of the course.

The result? Godde’s team was pleased with the decals and video solution, and Learn4Life students had a blast. The project fueled their development in career-ready skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and the ability to meet deadlines. And we consider that a win-win.