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18 Aug 2017

EQ and IQ: The Critical Link

When it comes to education, which is more important, EQ or IQ? The answer may surprise you. The correlation between intelligence quotient (IQ) and learning ability has long been understood, but since the term emotional intelligence (or emotional quotient, EQ) was coined, educators have been trying to understand EQ’s effect…

18 Aug 2017

Camp4Life: Greatness Outdoors

For at-risk students, a week in the forest teaches science, self-sufficiency and, above all, trust. No TV. No cell phones. Sharing a cabin with a group of people you’ve never met. It would be a challenge for any teenager, but for at-risk students who are less socially adjusted, pre-camp anxiety…

27 Jun 2017

Winning the Fight Against the Staggering Dropout Rate Statistics One Student at A Time

When you consider the “official” high school dropout rate in the U.S., it might not seem so bad at first; 6.5 percent of young people 1624 years old have dropped out, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. However, you don’t have to look much closer to realize how…

19 May 2017

Fresno’s school drop-outs a problem for entire Valley.

Jerrold H. Jensen, Visalia 6:16 a.m. PT May 19, 2017 About 70% of the inmates in our state prisons are high school dropouts – and Fresno Unified has a history of producing a lot of them. Fresno taxpayers would probably be surprised to learn enrollment in their school district has…

06 Jun 2017

Students aim to advance the next level of defense

LANCASTER – Today’s youth will be on the frontline in the future of cybersecurity and a group of students at Learn4Life’s Desert Sands Charter High School look to help advance the next level of defense. Two teams from the school competed for the first time in the CyberPatriot IX competition…

23 Nov 2016

Learn4Life student receives $10,000 scholarship from University of Antelope Valley

Learn4Life (l4L) student, Alani Dunlap got a little help to continue her education after graduation with a scholarship from University of Antelope Valley (UAV).  UAV offers this scholarship opportunity to schools in the Antelope Valley to ensure that local students are aware of local community college/career options available to them….

02 Nov 2016

Only One in Five Holds a High School Diploma in Two California Cities: Mayors Join Forces to Solve the Problem

The Learn4Life Mobile Learning Center classroom on wheels increases access among at-risk students in rural communities throughout Central California FRESNO — November 2, 2016 — The mayors of Selma and San Joaquin, located in the drought-stricken Central Valley of California, have joined forces with nonprofit dropout recovery program Learn4Life to…

27 Oct 2016

Former At-Risk Students Eager to Win CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Defense Competition

Career technical education programs like CyberPatriot prepare Learn4Life students for careers in technology and science LANCASTER, Calif. ­– (Oct. 27, 2016) ­– Students at Learn4Life, a dropout recovery program for at-risk high school students, begin the first round of competition in the Air Force Association’s ninth annual CyberPatriot education program….

02 Nov 2016

Preparing Students for Success in the New Economy

The job market of today looks a lot different than it did 20 years ago. With the decline in mid-level manufacturing jobs (down to 10% from 25% over the past four decades) and a greater need for highly skilled information technology workers, employees without the skills to fit into this…

02 Nov 2016

WIOA Spotlight: Access Inc.

In today’s economic and social landscape, education isn’t just about books and tests. It’s also about preparing students for the challenges of the 21st-century job market. As a nonprofit workforce innovation partner, we work with a variety of community-based organizations to provide our students with job skills training and support…