25 Apr 2018

Learn4Life’s Traveling Classroom Sees Its First Class of High School Graduates

California-based nonprofit dropout recovery program Learn4Life celebrates the inaugural graduating class of its Mobile Learning Center. The classroom on wheels provides a free high school diploma program to students in the rural communities of Fresno County.

The Mobile Learning Center (MLC) travels throughout agricultural areas in central California, allowing students to benefit from Learn4Life’s free high school diploma program that offers flexibility with one-on-one attention and personalized lessons. Since launching at the end of 2015, nearly 40 students have enrolled in the MLC. Its first graduating class of 11 students recently received their high school diplomas.

The MLC visits the cities of San Joaquin and Selma three times a week so students can meet with supervising teachers to review their personalized lessons, get help with assignments and complete tests. Students have the option to complete their assignments at home or at the MLC with the help of a free tutor.

Like many agricultural communities across the country, educational access is challenged in San Joaquin, with only one high school and one continuation school in town. In a population of 4,000, fewer than 21 percent of San Joaquin residents have a high school diploma. One-third of students in the U.S. do not have access to the internet at home.1 In San Joaquin, that number climbs to an even higher percentage. Due to the limited access to jobs and education, many students drop out of school to work in the farm fields to help support their families.