A Stronger Community

A stronger community begins with helping at-risk students change their story. At Learn4Life, we provide personalized education and support— to eliminate all obstacles in the way of a high school diploma. Every dropout we save represents the key to creating safer, more prosperous communities for generations.


Struggling to make ends meet, there were days when Daniel didn’t have enough to eat, let alone a way to get to school. He needed to find a way out of poverty, but didn’t know where to start.


Getting pregnant at age 14 meant months away from school and a host of new responsibilities. Catching up with her class while being a mom seemed hopeless, until she came to Learn4Life.


Hanging out with gangs and living life on the streets made education seem irrelevant compared to his own survival. He didn’t see a future for himself, but that was about to change.


Struggling to catch up in school, Dasmond felt like teachers had given up on him, and he was about to give up, too. It would take a special approach to help him turn it all around.

With 7,000 dropouts per day in the U.S., our economy and public safety are at risk.

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Transforming at-risk students into healthy, productive adults requires a unique approach that instills self-confidence.

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We work with public schools and community leaders to create safer, more prosperous neighborhoods throughout California.

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Every dropout saved creates a positive impact that can be felt for generations. It's not just about diplomas, it's about changing their stories... for life.

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